Our Comprehensive Package

For most students, the Comprehensive Package is the best option. Every service is included, and nothing is overlooked.

We guide high school students through every step of the college application process. Often students and parents are shocked at the complexity of today’s application requirements, and feel unsure of the necessary strategies and timing of submitting  applications.

Beginning with an in-depth process of discovering each student’s individual desires for their college journey, we guide students in planning and preparing for admission exams (SAT and ACT), writing their best essay(s), and completing all college applications with the overarching goal of presenting each student to colleges in the strongest light.

Steps to a successful college application:

    1. Building the perfect college list – This is a process that we spend a great deal of time on, for good reason. Based on the needs/desires of our students, we consider academic, social and financial fit, matching students with a definitive list that students and parents appreciate.  Using our extensive experience and knowledge of colleges throughout the country, along with our many proven resources, our students are ready to apply to great colleges, selected for them. Additionally, we advise students about Early Decision and Early Application choices.
    2. Completing Applications – There’s so much more to completing the college application than filling in the blanks. Our consultant will assist students in reviewing and completing up to 10 applications, which could include the Common Application, Coalition Application or institution-specific applications. Students will write their strongest resume and activity list (needed for most applications) and get expert advice on college visits, scholarship opportunities, teacher recommendations, and interview prep.
    3. Other necessary parts of the process – Students will receive a Monumental Beginnings College Application Binder with resource materials on all topics. Students will also have unlimited access to Custom College Planner, a proprietary college research and application tracking software program. We will encourage students to do an online self-assessment through YouScience, to assist with identifying students interests, aptitudes and potential career paths.
    4. Writing your best essayWhether applying to one college or ten, our expert essay writing coach guides each student in crafting the their best personal application essay.   This very personal, introspective essay is unlike any of the papers they have written in high school.  Using face-to-face meetings as well as electronic feedback on shared documents, our coach guides students through brainstorming ideas, drafting and editing, and finalizing each essay.  Our essay coach will help students every step of the way until they have written their personal best! (Maximum of 3 essays) 
  1. For a more complete explanation of services offered, please see below. Every student is different, and every situation is unique: feel confident that every question will be answered as you navigate the process.  We’re here with you from start to finish!

Price: $2950

Senior Cram Package

This package is designed for students who desire expert guidance on the college application process only.  This package includes building the college list, writing the resume/activity list, and initiating all applications. Consultant will advise student on college visits, scholarship opportunities, and teacher recommendations. 

This package includes up to 8 individual meetings (approximately 90 -120 minutes each). The meetings include an initial meeting with both student and parents to discuss goals, desires and college affordability. Students will receive the Monumental Beginnings College Application Binder, and have unlimited access to Custom College Planner while enrolled in the package. Consultant will guide the student in two different types of application platforms. Students typically enroll in this package during the summer before senior year. Deadline for enrolling is 15 September or until all spots for senior students are filled.

Optional: Students desiring essay coaching can arrange for this service for an additional fee of 500.00 for a maximum of three essays.   Additional packages can be purchased as needed. Because of the potential importance of the college essay to the student’s overall application strength, in most cases we strongly recommend that student opt for essay coaching with our expert.  Some students may also want to get expert coaching for scholarship essays, honors program essays or supplemental application essays.

Price: $2350

Hourly Consultation

Our consultants can provide any of our offered services, including SAT/ACT test prep, essay coaching, or college application assistance on an hourly basis.  There is a minimum hourly fee for some services.  We recommend hourly consultations for freshman and sophomore students, and use that time for discussions about general college plans, and discussion/advice on topics such as course scheduling, summer activities, resume writing, and other grade-specific topics. Hourly fee is $100/hour.

Essay Coaching Package

Working with students one-on-one and virtually on shared electronic documents, our coach will guide students through the entire writing process from brainstorming to essay submission for a maximum of three essays.

Price: $500

Initial Consultation

We require that all students and parents schedule an initial consultation with our consultants.  During this meeting, students and parents will learn more about Monumental Beginnings’ package offerings to determine which package will be the right fit for their needs.  This one-hour meeting is $60, and will be applied to any selected package.

Specific services provided:

Student Profile Analysis We analyze current transcripts, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, personal history, along with results of proprietary surveys and questionnaires.  This gives us insight to the student’s specific interests and match potential for specific colleges.

College Admission Plan We evaluate the student’s overall admission application strength, and advise on potential admissibility to specific colleges.  We prepare timelines for all applications and basic financial aid forms.

Academic Guidance We assist freshmen, sophomores and juniors in making decisions on high school schedules based on the student’s college goals, potential majors, or areas of interest and past performance.

College List Development We build the initial college list (usually 10-12 colleges), based on all the collected information, ensuring each college is a “match” (strong potential for acceptance) and a good “fit” (meets the student’s and parent’s needs/desires, including academic, social and financial fit).  If requested, we will include “reach” colleges. We assist the student in continually refining this list, until the final college list is achieved. All material required for each college is outlined (including all required essays), all deadlines are tracked and reviewed, and students are given timely feedback.

Resume/Activity Sheet Guidance Our students will prepare a strongly written resume or activity list, based on their extracurricular activities.  Resumes will be used for some applications, requesting letters of recommendation and potential scholarships. We assist students in deciding which activities to include in the application, and the best way to rank order and explain them.

Application Completion The various types of college application platforms, including Common Application, Coalition Application, state-specific applications (California, Texas, Florida, etc.), service academy, ROTC, and college specific applications (each with individual high school requirements) make the application process extremely complex.  We keep students organized and on task throughout the entire process. Through Custom College Planner, we create the student’s unique admissions planning timeline and calendar. We guide each student on the best type of application for each college, include Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision or other options.  We assist students with two of the application platforms, with a small charge for additional platforms.  

Application Essay  As we get to know students, their lives and their activities, we are able to coach them in writing their best college admission essays.  From the initial idea to the final, polished and professional written pieces, our essay coach works with students individually. Up to three essays are included in the Comprehensive Plan, with a small charge for additional essays.

Interview Preparation Although few colleges require interviews, many offer the optional interview, either on campus or with alumni. Some scholarships, including service academies and ROTC, also require interviews.  We assist the student with a mock interview, teaching how to answer questions effectively and ask insightful questions.

Teacher Recommendation Guidance We advise students on how to strategically select the appropriate recommenders, and how to effectively request written recommendations.

Monumental Beginnings Application Binder – Students receive an individualized binder containing valuable written source material that support each of the separate processes involved in the college application process.  

Access to Custom College Planner Students and parents receive personal access to our proprietary College Admission and Application software program.  This program provides a powerful college search engine, accurate application timelines and deadlines, valuable data regarding acceptance rates, financial requirements, graduation rates and other critical data necessary for the application process.

Customizable Services Available: Our students are individuals, and so are our services!  Ask us about academic support, test prep and more.  We can create a program to fit any student! 

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